Can a DUI affect your scholastic career?

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After getting charged with a DUI related crime, you may be wondering: what next? How high are your chances of facing a conviction? If you do, will this impact your future? In what ways?

As a college student, the first place you will likely look is toward your college career. Unfortunately, a DUI conviction can and often does impact students even after a first time offense.

Revocation of financial support

The College Investor takes a look at the impact a DUI can have on your scholastic career. A DUI conviction usually does not result in a student ending up expelled. In cases where this happens, there are often additional factors like severe property damage or the involvement of other students.

However, it is common for a college board to revoke any form of financial support they may have provided you with up to this point. They may take back any scholarships or financial gifts awarded to you for achievements or scholastic honors. They will also likely refuse to support you financially in the future too, barring your entry into other contests or entries for support.

No on-campus housing

In addition, they may refuse you entry to on-campus living. In other words, instead of paying the price for on-campus housing, you will need to look at apartments or other methods of housing in the surrounding area. This can double or triple the amount you can expect to spend on schooling, unfortunately.

Between these factors, you may end up priced out of attendance. If you want to learn more about what you can do to prevent this, consider seeking legal help.


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