A professional boxer from St. Louis is facing accusations of kidnapping, rape and armed criminal action that allegedly occurred in 2020. According to one of the individuals involved in the case, the boxer allegedly threatened her with a gun and raped her on Thanksgiving. The second individual claims that the boxer threatened and raped her while she was in his Missouri apartment on December 7.

The boxer has a history of criminal activity

While this is the first time that the boxer has been accused of sex crimes, he’s been charged with other violent crimes in the past. The boxer has multiple domestic assault convictions on his record. The first conviction resulted in probation while the second resulted in prison time.

Currently, the boxer is on probation for writing a bad check. If these recent allegations are found to be true, he might have to serve another prison sentence. The boxer will likely have an attorney help him fight these charges. A conviction could mean the end of his boxing career, which he officially launched back in 2005.

Are you being accused of sex crimes?

Few accusations are more disastrous for your reputation than being accused of sex crimes. This could include sexual assault, soliciting a minor for sex or being involved in human trafficking. An accusation like that could alienate everyone in your personal life and make it hard to find a job or maintain your relationships.

An attorney could help you defend yourself against false accusations, no matter how serious the charges are. You might be able to clear your name in court and go back to living your life again. With an attorney’s help, you could uncover the facts and prove to the court that you couldn’t have possibly done what you have been accused of doing.