White collar crime can be devastating when it intersects with government. At that level, it can affect entire communities. No one in Missouri wants to think that the people they’ve elected are skimming off the top. And no one in government wants to be unjustly accused of embezzling from their constituents.

Proving white collar crime

White-collar crimes aren’t violent. It doesn’t usually create an impact people feel immediately, either. Instead, white collar crime tends to be about abusing power or misleading people. Financial crimes can be hard to discover and even harder to prove. Recently, Missouri’s auditor uncovered evidence of embezzlement. Officials were surprised, and admitted that more transparency is needed at that level of government.

Luckily, they’re being careful about naming names before all the details are uncovered. This is important. It’s sometimes possible for the actual perpetrator of a white collar crime to obscure their involvement. They may have stolen a login or even an identity from a law-abiding person. For anyone who’s been accused of a white collar crime, it’s very important to find an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Defending against an accusation

Charges of white-collar crimes can be devastating for the accused. Even when someone is acquitted, just the publicity of a trial can destroy their reputation. That’s why it’s important to mount an aggressive, intelligent defense against them.

The right defense lawyer will have experience with financial documents. They’ll know how to sift through the evidence in a case where white-collar crime is alleged. Remember, in order to really provide a zealous defense, they’ll need to understand the details of the case and make it understandable for a jury.