A drug charge never is fun to face, but it can be handled and possibly dropped when the police make mistakes. Missouri criminal law affirms the accused is innocent until proven guilty and can challenge the evidence brought against him or her. Drug charges can carry very stiff penalties, including time in prison and fines, so it is important to make sure the police did their job properly to prevent unwarranted charges.

Improper searches and corruption can drop charges

Sometimes, police officers and other law enforcement downright screw up and make mistakes that cause drug charges to be dropped. An illegal search or improper handling of evidence are two common errors police make that could cause prosecutors or courts to drop drug charges. Especially crooked cops might try to shake down law-abiding citizens or known drug dealers with threats of arrest and jail time. When police corruption is the real problem, prosecutors typically drop charges.

Other reasons drug charges get dropped

When drug charges are unshakeable, and the evidence against the defendant is strong, a plea bargain often will reduce the charges by at least one. That can take potentially years off a possible prison sentence. The incentive to make a deal and get a reduction in charges is very strong and results in about 95 percent of all felony convictions for drugs, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. Cooperation with law enforcement that helps to further dismantle the drug trade in which the accused might have been involved also can get charges reduced or dropped.

If you are facing drug charges and potential prison time, an experienced criminal law attorney is the best tool for obtaining the best result. A court-appointed defense attorney often is overworked and cannot focus his or her attention and resources on your case as well as a private practice attorney can. Upholding an accused individual’s rights and ensuring a fair trial is the best way to get the most favorable outcome. When charges get dropped, good things happen for the accused.