Does DWI apply to other vehicles?

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For many, summer is a time to relax and enjoy some of the activities you cannot do in the winter. Now that the weather is warmer, your weekends may include drinking as well as adventures.

Drunk driving is a risk that can ruin your summer fun, even if the vehicle you were driving was not a car.

Here’s what you should know about Missouri’s rules about drunk driving for vehicles other than cars.

All vehicles included

Enjoying the outdoors often includes many types of vehicles. For some, it may be a trail ride on a four-wheeler through the woods. For others, you may enjoy taking the boat out on the lake.

With all the attention commonly placed on cars, it is easy to forget about the rules for other vehicles like boats, jet skis and four-wheelers. In Missouri, even water skis and surfboards are included under the state’s Boating While Intoxicated laws.

Like a DWI while driving a car, if you get more than one DWI while boating (or driving another vehicle), it can cause more severe consequences.

Making a safer choice

Trying to drive while you are impaired can significantly reduce your reaction times and lead to accidents as well as legal trouble. It is essential to have a plan in place for your activities and who can be a sober driver.

It will be easier to enjoy your adventure if you know who will be responsible for driving the four-wheeler or boat. Talk to the people in your group about who will stay sober so they can drive safely.

It can get frustrating when one person is always responsible for getting everyone home safely. Whether you go out with your family or with friends, if you have a consistent group, consider coming up with a rotating system for choosing a designated driver.


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