Being asked to exit your vehicle because of impairment is never a comfortable situation to be in. Adhering to the commands of the authorities in Missouri is imperative to allow you ample opportunity to overcome your mistake and move forward. 

You may take a breathalyzer test to assess if your impairment level. Understanding the influence of certain factors on your results may help to protect you and your rights. 

Understanding your results 

According to Web MD, a breath alcohol test uses the amount of alcohol breathed into the air to determine the alcohol content in your blood or BAC level. If your BAC result falls outside of the legal limit of 0.08%, you risk impairment and a charge of driving under the influence. Some of the factors that may affect your test results include the following: 

  • Alcohol consumption: This includes how many drinks you consumed, how quickly you consumed them and how strong they were.  
  • Physical characteristics: This includes your gender and weight. 
  • Outside influences: This includes how much food you have consumed recently and what kind of food you ate, as well as any medications you may be taking.  

Establishing impairment 

It is widely known that breathalyzer tests are not always accurate. Because of this, you may request the use of alternative testing in providing a more accurate result. Taking a blood test or a urine test may provide further details about your BAC levels. A DUI charge may strengthen your resolve to change and accept responsibility for your mistake which may allow you the chance to prevent making the same mistake twice. Encourage your friends to drive sober by sharing your story and the influence of your experience on your life and future choices.