Does an officer have probable cause to arrest you?

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Missouri officers have tools to use when handling DUI related cases. This includes items like blood or breath tests. In some cases, an officer may rely on a probable cause to arrest as well. But what is this?

Today we will look at probable causes to arrest in relation to DUI crimes. We will see what officers look for and how that relates to drivers.

Having a probable cause to arrest discusses what a probable cause to arrest is. In specific, they discuss it in relation to DUI related crimes. What does having a probable cause to arrest mean? It means facts exist that lead to a reasonable person believing someone committed a crime.

When it comes to DUI crimes, an officer may look for several signs. This includes the smell of alcohol, red eyes and slurred speech. What happens when these signs are present along with other signs that point to a DUI crime? It gives officers a probable cause to arrest you.

What do you need besides these signs?

But these signs do not mean guilt on their own. This is because these signs often have other causes that have nothing to do with alcohol. For example, people with allergies often have red eyes. People with certain anxiety or neurological disorders may have slurred speech. Health conditions can also contribute to slurring your words. Stroke victims often struggle with this.

Even the smell of alcohol does not guarantee your arrest or prove your guilt. This is because officers do not know your blood alcohol content (BAC) level through scent. Even if you smell like alcohol, it is impossible to tell if you are over the legal limit without other tests.

This is important for all drivers to keep in mind. It may help you calm your anxieties if you end up pulled over.


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