DUI stops can lead to serious consequences in Missouri and throughout the country. If you are stopped by the police or if you face DUI charges, the law firm of Richard Sindel, P.C. understands the stress and consequences that you face. Fortunately, a DUI stop does not have to mean that you will suffer all of the possible ramifications. 

The ACLU suggests that you follow a few simple rules when dealing with police after a traffic stop. You should always ask if you are free to go and if he or she tells you no, then you are free to ask why you cannot leave. You should not agree to any searches. If the officer sees or smells alcohol, he or she may have probable cause for a search. This does not mean that you should agree. Always say that you do not consent. 

You can remain respectful throughout the arrest. Any resistance or lying can leave a bad mark on your reputation. Instead, exercise your right to silence. You will have to take sobriety tests, if you do not, you could lose your license. It is possible to fight the breathalyzer or field sobriety tests after the fact. 

When you face a DUI charge, there are a variety of ways that you can fight it. If you remain calm and cautious throughout your traffic stop and remember what to and not to say, then you have more of an opportunity to challenge the traffic stop. To challenge the stop, the tests, or the accuracy of said tests are possible DUI defenses. Discover more information about this topic on the web site.