With the rise of the internet, new crimes developed. In some instances, Missouri law cannot catch up with the speed in which technology continues to advance. As technology advances, there are more ways to commit crimes and more crimes for the law to catch up to. If you face internet fraud allegations, do you know what this encompasses? You may understand the concept of fraud, but do you understand what internet fraud is? Here is what you need to know about internet fraud and what it means to face an internet fraud charge. 

According to the FBI, internet fraudsters use the internet to defraud people or to take advantage of others. An internet crime scheme may result in stolen money, up to millions of dollars every year. There are a lot of different ways that a person can commit internet fraud. 

The most common internet fraud accusation is data breach. Data breaches are leaks of data from secured locations. Data breaches occur on the corporate and personal level. This results in the release of confidential information. A fraudster may also use malware or ransomware to target a company or person. Malicious software can target technical weaknesses. 

Email account compromises can occur on the business and personal level. This scam targets those associated with certain professionals or lending institutions. The fraudsters use compromised emails to request payments. With business email compromise, the fraudsters can compromise legitimate business accounts. They utilize social engineering or computer intrusion to receive a transfer of funds.  

This article is meant to information on what internet fraud is. It is not considered legal advice.