In Missouri, DUI checkpoints are legal. In an attempt to crack down on drunk drivers, DUI taskforces set up checkpoints to catch drink drivers. DUI checkpoints are a common strategy that officers use to cut down on drunk driving. Officers hope that checkpoints are a deterrent. There is a way to behave at a checkpoint and certain actions that you need to take, regardless of whether you drank that night. 

According to Traffic School Online, DUI checkpoints are barricades. The police stop every driver that passes through. The driver has to stop and allow the cop to check for signs of intoxication. The officers normally look for bloodshot eyes, visible containers or the smell of alcohol. If the cop believes that the person drank before getting behind the wheel, then that person may suffer an arrest. 

When you enter into a DUI checkpoint, make sure that you have all of your documentation ready. Do not ever approach the checkpoint and turn around. This looks suspicious and may alert the police to your presence. You need your documentation ready because you do not want to fumble with it when the officer arrives. In addition, roll down your window in advance so that you can speak to the officer. 

DUI checkpoints do require some patience. These roadblocks should keep roads safer. You need to remain patient and understanding through the process. In addition, stay quiet about most information regarding drinking. Only volunteer information when the officer asks you the information. 

The above article is to inform on DUI checkpoints. It is not intended to be legal advice.