When stopped by Missouri police, it can be anxiety inducing. Even when the suspicion is a minor traffic violation, it can be daunting. When the police pull you over under suspicion of a DUI, however, what do you do? According to the Department of Revenue, if an officer suspects that you were drinking and driving, he or she will ask you to submit to a breathalyzer test. 

First, stay calm. Do not act combative with the police, even if you do not think that there is reasonable suspicion, you should keep your cool. A breathalyzer test is a device that you breathe air into. When you breathe air into it, it provides the officer with a reading of your blood alcohol concentration. In the US, the standard measurement for blood alcohol is the BAC. In the US and Missouri, a BAC of .08% and above is above the legal limit. 

If an officer asks you to submit to a blood test, you will have to. In Missouri, there is an implied consent law. This law states that by driving a vehicle on public roads, you give consent for chemical testing. Now, of course, the office cannot force you to take the test. It is possible to refuse to submit the test. This does not bode well, however. If you refuse the alcohol test, the court will revoke your driving privilege for one year. The law refers to this as a chemical revocation.  

The above article is meant to inform on breathalyzer test laws. It is not meant to be legal advice.