Violent crimes are often difficult for people to face. There are many different types of violent crimes that that are possible, so you have to think about the specific charge that you are facing. This is the only way that you can determine what defense strategy you should use. We are here to help you evaluate these options so that you are able to make decisions based on what you feel is the best for you.

In order to think about the options that you have, you have to know what claims the prosecution is going to make. As you think about your defense, you must ensure that you are calling the defense’s points into question. The jury can’t have any reasonable doubt about whether you did the crime or not if they are going to convict you. This means you don’t have to actually prove your innocence. Instead, you only have to poke holes in the prosecution’s case.

Another consideration that you have to think about is what penalty you are facing. If you know that you are probably going to be convicted of a crime, your goal for the defense strategy might be to reduce the severity of the penalties that you will have to live with. These penalties can be very serious in the case of a violent crime.

We realize that you probably have some questions. We are here to answer those and to help you build up your defense. We also want to protect your interests and ensure that you know your options at each step of the process.