Violent crimes are sometimes the result of a person not being able to calm down when they are angry. This might come when there is an argument with someone or because of a maddening incident. One thing that you can do to avoid getting into a situation where you might have to resort to violence is to learn how to control your anger and calm down. This isn’t always easy, but it might help you to stay out of legal trouble.

One of the easiest ways that you can calm down is to breathe and remove yourself from the situation, so you have a chance to decompress. When you breathe, take in a deep breath and then breathe out slowly while you focus on relaxing your body. Your breath out should last twice as long as the breath in.

Take the time to think about why you are angry and then determine whether violence will actually help you change that. You will soon realize that violence is only going to cause you problems. This might be enough fuel to help you fully walk away from whatever is going on. You may have to speak out and release the anger, so you can move forward calmly.

You may need to write out your feelings or talk to someone about them. Just make sure that the person you choose will help you calm down and not keep you riled up.

If something does happen, and you end up facing criminal charges due to a violent encounter, you need to work on a defense right away. Sometimes, determining the best way to tell your side of the matter is important, but you have to consider how your statements might be construed by the jury.