Most people who own guns do so because they have an interest in self-preservation. Others may own weapons because they enjoy shooting safely on a practice range. Whatever the case, firearm laws exist to inform you about what is legal and what is not legal in terms of personal weapons. To help you avoid an arrest on weapons offenses, it is wise to stay up-to-date about these laws.

As you know, firearms can come in many sizes and shapes. Before you decide to purchase any gun, it is wise to make certain that it is legal to own the weapon of your choice. The following section includes a brief list of guns that are illegal in Missouri at this time.

  • Firearms resulting in explosive discharges
  • Federally banned gas guns
  • Firearms with exploding bullets or projectiles
  • Guns with shortened barrels also called “sawed-off” guns
  • Machine gun weapons
  • Silencers added to any firearm

If the police catch you with any type of illegal firearm, you could face a variety of legal repercussions. To protect your reputation and your freedom, it is critical to avoid a conviction involving weapons offenses. Consulting with an experienced criminal defense attorney allows you to create an effective strategy that can help you avoid the harshest consequences.

You should also understand that federal law bans many of the firearms that American citizens purchase from less-than-reputable sources. This means that even if you overcome the gun charges in your state, you may still face federal charges. A lawyer can help you prepare for such cases, increasing your odds of successfully fighting for your freedom.