The U.S. justice system comes many unfamiliar terms that confuse defendants. For example, the term fraudulent misrepresentation is just another way of saying that a defendant knowingly engaged in fraud. However, it is a serious allegation that could land the accused in a lot of trouble. In fact, it is one of the most commonly prosecuted white collar crimes in the nation.

Most people know that fraud means engaging in intentionally deceitful practices. Examples include the following.

  • Marketing valuable skillsets that you do not truly possess
  • Lying about what your product or service can and cannot do
  • Cheating innocent victims out of funds through fraudulent investment activities

Fraudulent misrepresentation involves making false or misleading statements that are designed to induce other parties into a contract arrangement. In some cases, defendants who do not realize they are making false statements can still face legal trouble. In order for plaintiffs to prevail in court, they must demonstrate several elements. These include the following:

  • Your representation was in fact false
  • You knew that the representation was false, or
  • You made the representation without knowing if it was true
  • Your misrepresentation caused other parties to suffer damage

If you are facing allegations revolving around fraudulent misrepresentation or any form of fraud in Missouri, it is wise to take the accusations seriously. An experienced criminal defense attorney can fill an important role in these cases by informing you about all of the legal options at your disposal. Together, you can create a defense strategy to help you fight the charges or at least reduce their severity.