A man from Cole County, Missouri, has been accused of creating homemade bombs and then blowing them up outside of someone else’s house. He was arrested by the police, and he now faces charges for second-degree assault (two charges), unlawful manufacture and use of a dangerous weapon (one charge), a misdemeanor drug charge (one count) and a felony drug charge (one count).

The man is 40 years old. After his arrest, his bond was put at $21,000. He paid it and got out of jail.

Per the Cole County Sheriff’s Department, the calls came in right around 8:02 a.m. The caller said that someone was outside with homemade bombs, setting them off. The police arrived and talked to the victim. That person claimed that this was not the first time it had happened. No calls to the police were made on the previous Sunday, but the victim said that’s when the explosions began.

In any case, officers decided to look around the mobile home. They found another homemade bomb that had not yet exploded. It was under the mobile home, near an outlet for phone service. They had to call in the Missouri Highway Patrol Bomb Unit and the Regional West Fire Protection District. They came to the scene and safely detonated the bomb.

Even though no one was hurt in this incident, the charges are still very serious. Anyone facing these types of allegations has to remember that they can change the entire course of their lives. They must know their rights and the legal defense options that they have.