Nunchaku, also known as nunchucks, is a weapon used in martial arts training. It consists of two sticks of the same size and length joined together by a short chain or rope. If you are a fan of martial arts films, you have probably seen nunchucks in use many times.

Section 571.020 of the law describing weapons offenses in Missouri does not list nunchucks as a prohibited item. As such, it is reasonable to assume that one can own a set of nunchucks without facing legal repercussions. However, as with anything that is considered a weapon, how you use the item can make you accountable for its possession.

If you use nunchucks in violence or to commit a crime, you will probably face charges involving weapons offenses. On the other hand, if the police arrest you just for possessing nunchucks, it may be possible to prevail against the charges against you. This is especially the case if you were not using the item at the time of your arrest.

Possessing a blackjack, a heavy club-like instrument typically covered in a flexible material is an entirely different matter. Section 571.030 of the state’s weapons law indicates that it is illegal to take a concealed blackjack “into any area where firearms are restricted.” You may also safely assume that you will get into serious trouble if you injure someone with a blackjack.

As people look for methods of self-defense that do not involve knives or firearms, the laws surrounding weapons are always subject to change. If you face an arrest for possessing or concealing any item that the authorities call a weapon, it is wise to talk with an attorney. to avoid an unnecessary conviction on weapons offenses.