The vast majority of criminal appeals are decided without the defense attorney or the defendant ever appearing before the panel of judges. Instead, judges rely on briefs prepared by lawyers to make their decisions about each individual appeal. We feel that an appeal has a far better chance of success when the defense attorney can present the panel with an oral argument.

Oral arguments come with many benefits to the defendant. For example, the panel of judges may be more inclined to entertain a different decision when the lawyer presents a good argument in person. First, however, the lawyer has to win this rare opportunity. In the following sections, we will explain how your lawyer can win an oral argument and go on to present a persuasive case during criminal appeals.

Preparing a compelling brief is the best way we, as attorneys, can acquire the chance to make an oral argument. This means writing a brief that is not excessively long but is powerful enough that the panel wants additional information. Once an oral argument is granted, we can use other skills to persuade the panel in your favor.

An important factor in winning over judges is the ability to speak about the defendant’s case in a professional yet convincing manner. Attorneys with practiced oral abilities have a much better chance of persuading a panel of judges that the initial ruling was the wrong ruling. Finding a Missouri-based lawyer with this skill can go a long way toward having your conviction overturned.

Excellent writing and speaking skills are just two ways attorneys can win criminal appeals. The unique details surrounding your alleged crime and your conviction may open additional avenues for you and your lawyer to explore. We urge you to continue reading the resources on our website if you want to improve your chances of winning an appeal.