Being accused of a violent crime comes with some very difficult decisions. You have to determine what is best for you at each turn. In some cases, there might not be a clear answer about this. You have to consider what each option means for you now and into the future. We know this is a challenge, so we are here to work with you throughout the process.

It is difficult to think about some of the ways that you might be affected by a conviction. In the short term, you will likely have to deal with being placed in jail or prison. You may have to serve time on probation or pay fines. Community service is another possibility. These can affect how you live your life right away.

On top of those, you have to think about what a conviction might mean for the future. Many employers won’t hire people who have criminal convictions. You might find that even some who usually give people with a criminal record a chance won’t consider you because your crime is classified as violent. This harsh reality might be the fuel that you need to get to work on your defense. We are here to help you sort through the options to determine what might work for your case.

We know that this isn’t an easy spot to be in. While we can’t face the charges for you, we are able to help ensure that your rights are respected throughout the case. This might help you feel less pressured and stressed as your case marches forward.