With the current state of the world, it is easy to see why some individuals feel the need to carry a gun. For some people, having one on them might not be the best idea. There is a chance that you could face a criminal charge based on the presence of the firearm. One group that has to be especially careful is legal immigrants.

If you are in this country through an immigration program, being convicted of a firearm-related charge can land you facing deportation. Due to the nature of these charges, the deportation is permanent, meaning you won’t have another chance to come back into the United States legally. If you are facing a deportable felony weapons charge, you need to take swift action.

There are some instances that your attorney can get you an immigration-neutral plea. This means that you would be able to remain in the country and still address the charges that you are facing. Any crime that involves a gun can lead to this type of action.

One thing to remember is that if the crime was committed within five years of you being admitted into the country and carries at least a one-year jail or prison sentence, it can trigger deportation proceedings. Any crime that is considered to be an aggravated felony or that classifies you as being violent or dangerous is likely going to be difficult to fight against. This is because there are very few options for relief that you have in these instances, so reviewing the ones that are available becomes a priority.