As we recently discussed, a criminal appeal isn’t a new trial. You have to base the appeal on what happened during the court proceedings that you are appealing. It is possible that you will be granted a new trial; however, the appeal isn’t the time or place to try to present a new defense. We know that this might seem like a difficult proposition. We are here to help you through the process so that you aren’t left wondering what comes next.

The majority of steps in an appeal are handled on paper. The good news about this is that we can work on the angle that we are presenting and then tweak things as needed. We want to make sure that we file an appeal that accurately represents your position on the matters at hand. The briefs we submit must provide the information to back up your claim.

There are times when we will have to stand before the appellate court. This isn’t the same thing as a new trial. Basically, we have a predetermined amount of time to tell the panel about our position. This isn’t always easy, but we work to squeeze in all the information that we need to into that time slot.

If you are considering an appeal, you have to ensure that there is some facet of your case that you can call into question. You might find that this is hard to determine, but don’t fret. We are here to review the matter and help you determine what options you have to fight back against the injustices that are present.