Imagine going into a job interview with all the skills necessary to do the job only to find out that a mistake that you made when you were younger is coming back to haunt you. This is the reality for many men and women who have been convicted of crimes. In some cases, the conviction itself is enough to prevent them from being able to find work. One type of conviction that this might be true for is a violent crime.

The issue with violent crime is that many employers see that on a background check and don’t even ask what happened. This doesn’t give you much of a chance, so you have to think carefully about how you would handle situations like this if you are facing these types of charges.

There might not be a lot of options that you can exercise to try to battle against these charges. One option that you might consider if you do acknowledge that you committed the crime is a plea deal. This might enable you to have the charge reduced to something that doesn’t seem as bad on paper. We know that not everyone will be willing or able to do this, so you should consider the implications carefully if this is an option for you.

Another thing that you need to do is to work on your defense. Until the day that a plea deal is officially accepted by the court, there is a chance that it will fall through. For this reason, you need to get a defense strategy together. We can help you with your defense case, no matter how you want to proceed.