White collar crimes are sometimes thought of as minor crimes by people; however, these crimes often result in felony charges that come with serious penalties. These crimes are ones that are motivated by financial gains and are often the result of fraud or deceit. There are many different charges that fall under this umbrella.

Securities fraud is one of the types of crimes that is considered a white collar crime. These crimes, including insider trading, all have to do with defrauding investors to make a profit on a company that is publicly traded.

Fraud is a general crime that falls under this category. There are many different ways that you can commit fraud, but the bottom line is that all fraud is meant to defraud a person or entity out of money or assets based on untruths.

Tax evasion and tax fraud are both white collar charges. These have to do with failing to file your tax returns or being untruthful about them. You have to be completely honest on anything that has to do with income taxes.

Embezzlement involves taking money or assets from a company when you are given a position that includes financial trust. This can come in many forms, including using client funds improperly or transferring company funds into your personal account.

Money laundering is another white collar crime. This involves taking money that was earned illegally and funneling it through a legal means to make it appear clean.

In all of these cases, you have to think carefully about what you are going to do for your defense. Think about the penalties and all facets of the case before you make decisions.