It is sometimes said that a person’s desire to cover up a crime is going to be one of the key factors in getting caught. For some, the clues that they leave behind are unearthed by a forensic accountant. These professionals take the time to go through accounts a single transaction at a time in an effort to find things that point to misuse of money or illegal activities.

When a forensic accountant goes through a list of transactions, they usually will have a preferred place to start going over the accounts. Typically, this is a place where it will be easy to hide transactions, such as a travel account.

These professionals don’t focus only on the financial transactions. If they see something amiss, they may turn to social media to review possible ties to the crimes. People tend to think of social media as a place to brag, but this might turn against them if they are being investigated for criminal activities.

In a criminal investigation involving financial matters, there often aren’t huge bits of information available to prosecutors. Instead, the forensic accountant will piece together the small bits to come up with a case against the defendant.

If you think that you are being investigated for a financial crime, you should make sure that you aren’t adding in new illegal actions. Things like destroying evidence can lead to more criminal charges. At this juncture, it is often best to consult with your attorney so you can start a proactive defense. This may be helpful if you do end up facing criminal charges based on the information gathered by the forensic accountant.