Some people might hear about white collar crime charges and think that they aren’t really significant at all. That isn’t the case.

White collar criminal charges can seriously impact your life. There is a chance that you could lose the career that you’ve worked hard to build, even if you aren’t convicted of the charges. We know that you might not want to think about this, but it is a reality for many people facing these kinds of charges.

Damage control is a big part of what you need to do if you are facing white collar criminal charges. This is necessary because society will often see the charges and just assume guilt instead of following the premise of innocent until proven guilty like the criminal justice system. You might use this as fuel to keep you moving forward on developing your defense.

The specifics of the case can determine what might happen. There are some cases in which you will be able to continue working pending the outcome of your case. Others might mean that you will be forced to leave your job until the case is over with. We know that this a hard pill to swallow. However, being prepared for it can help to control the stress you feel.

Another consideration that we need to think about in these cases is what type of criminal justice penalty you are facing. These penalties can range from the possibility of a prison term and fines to being placed on probation. Taking an honest look at these might help you as you create your defense strategy. We are here to help you learn about what is possible and what options you might have.