People who are convicted of criminal actions might decide to find out if the case meets the requirement for an appeal. You might be surprised to know that very few cases do qualify. There are some specific points that must be present if you are going to appeal any criminal conviction or sentence.

One thing to remember is that you can almost never appeal a plea deal. This is because part of the plea deal process involves you having to acknowledge that you understand what the deal means. The only exception is if there is an element of misconduct on the part of a lawyer or court official that is grievous enough to warrant an appeal.

When you file an appeal, you aren’t getting a new trial. Instead, you have to clearly state why you are appealing, including the legal basis. The reason is evaluated and compared to the record from the trial. You can’t call witnesses or bring up new evidence in these cases. Instead, the appellate court will only review the information in the case to determine whether your appeal is successful or not.

Filing an appeal isn’t a surefire way to get rid of a criminal case, nor is it a quick solution to get out of prison. Instead, this is an involved process that requires the preparation of briefs to hand over to the court. Being prepared for the lengthy battle might take some of the stress of you. It is best to take this action quickly so that you have things in motion as soon as possible.