There are many different things that come to mind when thinking about working on a violent crime defense case. One of the most important factors in these cases is that you have to find a way to present your case to the court without making it seem like you are attacking the person who is the victim in the case. This is often challenging because there is a chance that the jurors will automatically feel sorry for that person.

It is imperative that we work on your defense with one of the top considerations being how things might appear to the jurors. We need to look at the statements we have to make and think carefully about how the jurors might construe them. We need to make sure that we show you aren’t a bad person and that the victim misunderstood the situation.

As we are working on your case, we need to try to anticipate what the prosecution is going to do. This isn’t always easy, but we can often think of ways to poke holes in the case that they will likely present. In order for a jury to convict you, the prosecution has to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. This can sometimes be more difficult than people realize.

When you find out that you are facing a violent crime charge, don’t waste time. We need to start working on your defense right away. This gives us time to carefully consider each point that we would like to include. It also enables us to make changes as necessary.