There are a couple different types of assault in Missouri. One of those types is known as aggravated assault. Not everyone knows or understands what this entails, which is why we will explain this crime in today’s post. Aggravated assault is the most severely punished of all the assaults due to the severity of the crime, the injuries caused and the intent.

An assault will typically be raised to an aggravated assault when any of the following are present: intent of the person who committed the crime, if a weapon was used, the degree of injury to the victim and the status of the victim.

The status of the victim is a major factor in an aggravated assault case. For example, some areas automatically make an assault on a firefighter, police officer, paramedic and even teacher an aggravated assault. To make it aggravated, the perpetrator must have known the status of the victim and the victim must have been performing his or her duties at the time of the attack.

Injuries that cause death or maim the victim of an assault will typically raise the charge from assault to aggravated assault. Depending on the severity of the injuries, the perpetrator could also be facing attempted homicide charges.

Examining the mental status of the perpetrator is another factor in assault cases. For example, if the perpetrator had intent to cause harm to the victim, then he or she will likely be charged with aggravated assault.

Now that you know all about aggravated assault in St. Louis be sure to know your rights. You don’t want to find yourself facing aggravated assault charges for a crime you didn’t commit or one that should involve a lesser charge.

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