3 arrested for a string of St. Louis gun store robberies

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Three different suspects have reportedly been taken into custody on suspicion of having been involved in robbing several St. Louis gun stores during this past summer and fall. Now, federal Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearm (ATF) investigators are trying to determine whether those who’ve copped to those robberies were the same ones who also committed a string of carjackings in the area as well.

Of the three men that have been arrested for the robberies so far, two of them have drafted confessions confirming their roles in the six burglaries. They’ve also pointed their fingers at others who were also involved.

Details investigators have also learned from the two suspects that are talking is that many of those responsible for the burglaries weren’t from Missouri, but instead Illinois. Many of them reportedly boarded the MetroLink in Illinois to get to St. Louis. It’s because they arrived with no cars that they apparently decided to carjack motorists.

The men reportedly confessed to having first robbed Eagle Eye USA Shooting Sports in Wentzville during the summer then returned to the area five months afterwards. Between November 2nd and 27th, 2017, the band of robbers had broken into five different gun stores in the area.

Surveillance video footage of the robbers was seemingly helpful to law enforcement in tracking down some of the thieves. One of the videos even captured one of the defendants shooting at a bystander at one of the stores. Fortunately, the bystander reportedly didn’t suffer any injuries in the incident.

A spokesperson with the St. Louis U.S. Attorney’s Office notes that ATF investigators are still committed to tracking down any and all individuals who were involved in carrying out the carjackings or robbed the stores.

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Source: Fox 2 Now St. Louis, “Arrests made in area gun store robberies; suspects tied to recent carjackings,” Roche Madden, Feb. 12, 2018


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