Violent criminal acts, such as murder, could mean that you are losing your life if you are convicted. When you think about some of the penalties that come with these convictions, you can easily see why you need to take the charges seriously. You need to get started on your defense right away. Your freedom and possibly your life depend on this.

One of the sentences that is often associated with violent crime convictions is time in prison. Whether you are sentenced to serve a decade or the rest of your natural life, you will find that the world doesn’t stop. If you have a chance of getting out of prison, life on the outside is going to be much different when you leave prison than when you went in.

Think about what the world was like in 1997. Cellphones weren’t as prevalent as they are now. Texting wasn’t even a thing. Selfies, Facebook and similar things didn’t exist. Even the ancient MySpace website wasn’t launched until five years later. For a person who went to prison in 1997 and had to serve 20 years, trying to learn how to use the Internet and smartphones is likely overwhelming.

You should think about this when it comes to your case. We can help you work on your defense. Our first priority has to be to determine what options are present in your case. From there, we can review the circumstances so we can create a personalized defense to answer to the charges you face. Don’t waste time. Instead, take action today to get moving on your defense. Your life might depend on it.