Firearms are something that have been a sort of hot-button issue since the last presidential election. The fact that it is possible to face firearm charges is something that many people just don’t think is constitutional. If you are facing firearm charges, you need to learn about what options you have because your entire future likely relies on the outcome of the case.

Weapons offenses are all serious matters. When a firearm is a factor in a criminal case, there is an increased level of urgency that the prosecution might place on the need to convict the person. This puts the defendant at a disadvantage simply because so many people have a negative prejudice against gun owners.

We realize that you might not have ever intended to have to actually use your firearm. Needing to use it might be something that frightened you, but you may have felt that you didn’t have any options.

The penalties that you face in connection with a conviction on a firearms charge are serious. There is a good chance that the conviction would come with a mandatory minimum sentence that the court would have to impose regardless of the situation. We want to help you fight back against those types of sentences. One way to do this is to fight against the conviction.

As you know, there are never sure things in the criminal justice system. This is why evaluating your options is important. You must consider the possibilities of each option to determine which ones you will be able to live with and which ones you need to try to avoid. We can help you each step of the way.