The opioid problem is one that has been covered almost constantly by the media. Another issue that is seemingly always making news is violent crime. The new U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri seems to have taken both of these issues to heart. He has noted that he plans to focus on these two problems.

He plans to include his office and others in the increase of attention. He wants to get some of the 40 federal prosecutors who are going to be placed in 20 U.S. attorney’s offices in this country to focus on the issue of violent crime. He says that he plans on making this shift in his own office, as well.

One issue that he has raised is that there isn’t always a coordination of the efforts in tackling violent crime. He wants to see law enforcement efforts working more with members of the community instead of acting alone.

He willingly spoke about the issue of police shootings when asked. This violent crime is one that has led to sometimes violent protests. He said that he would view these objectively. As a former 10-year FBI agent, he noted that he has “seen it from many different vantage points.”

Hopefully, the focus on opioid issues addresses the underlying issue of dependency. Reducing violent crimes in the area is also a good thing. It is imperative that all defendants in criminal cases remember that they do have rights. Exercise these rights and work hard on your defense. Learn about the options that you have so that you can make informed decisions about your defense.

Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “New U.S. attorney vows increased focus on violent crime, opioids,” Robert Patrick, Oct. 11, 2017