Domestic violence comes in many forms. One form that continues to be surprisingly prevalent is strangulation. When a domestic discussion or argument devolves to this level, there is a possibility of criminal charges.

Strangulation is a serious matter because it can cause a person to lose consciousness. In as few as 10 seconds, a person who is being strangled might slip into an unconscious state. This is because strangulation puts pressure on the carotid artery. The pressure prevents oxygenated blood from reaching the brain, which can lead to brain damage.

Another issue that comes with strangulation is the possibility of death. A person who is strangled long enough might slip into a coma or die. It is estimated that a person who was strangled by a partner in the past is seven times more likely to be killed by that partner than someone who hasn’t been strangled by their partner. As you can imagine, the criminal charges for a strangulation resulting in death would be severe.

One thing to think about when strangulation is part of a domestic situation is that the action isn’t always out of anger. It is sometimes possible that strangulation is used in intimate moments, but this likely isn’t a criminal matter unless the person being strangled is harmed.

It is imperative that you think about the case against you if you are being accused of strangling your partner. Oftentimes, people who are strangled will seek out medical care, which could prove definitively that a strangulation occurred. This could be difficult to defend against, but it isn’t always impossible.

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