Facing charges related to weapons can be a complex undertaking, especially if the weapon was recovered. You should understand that you need to work on your defense from the moment that you know you are facing charges.

We understand that it isn’t pleasant to think about the penalties that you are facing. Still, it would be even more disheartening to think about what might have happened if you had worked on your defense — but didn’t — and consequently are now sitting in jail.

Your defense is the only chance that you have to tell your side of the story. The defense strategy can take several different focuses, but you have to decide which one you are going to pursue. That’s why learning about all of the possibilities can have a major impact on your criminal case.

Once you decide on a strategy or a direction, we can work with you to figure out which elements you need in your defense. This is important because you want your defense to address the issues that the prosecution has lodged against you. Remember, your defense has to introduce doubt into the mind of each juror who is hearing your case.

When we are working on a defense plan, we consider what points might not be foolproof for the prosecution. We work to chip away at these so that your defense might show that there isn’t sufficient reason for a conviction on the charges you face. In some cases, your defense will focus on trying to get a deal before the case even goes to trial.