You should only use credit and debit cards that belong to you. When you use ones that belong to other people, there is a good chance that you will end up facing criminal charges for doing this.

Even if you have another person’s permission to use his or her card, it is still a good idea not to do so. For one thing, you might have to sign the person’s name, which could lead to criminal charges if the person speaks up and disputes the charge. Even if you are using the person’s PIN, there is a chance that he or she could claim you didn’t have permission to make the charge.

Credit and debit card fraud aren’t limited only to other people’s cards. You can also face legal troubles if you use your own cards. It is considered debit or credit card fraud to use the card if you know that there isn’t sufficient money or credit on the card to pay for the purchase.

It is also possible to face criminal charges if you allow someone else to use a debit or credit card that you know isn’t his or her card. This might occur if you are processing a payment for something in the course of regular business.

Charges can also stem from a person charging items when he or she doesn’t have the intention of paying the bill. This would have to encompass more than just a temporary inability to pay due to a financial hardship.

These charges are very serious matters. If you are charged with any financial crime like this, you should be ready to fight back.

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