As we recently discussed, you can’t appeal a criminal conviction for any random reason. There are only certain things that are considered valid reasons for an appeal. We know that you might be curious about whether your case qualifies for an appeal or not. We can help you to determine this and help you learn about what you need to do.

One thing that you have to remember is that when you appeal a case, you aren’t presenting new evidence that wasn’t present at trial. Instead, you are asking the court to consider what was already presented and correct the error that you bring up.

Determining what error or errors to include in your appeal is another important decision. The court can’t address errors that you don’t bring up in the appeal. This means that you need to go over the case with a fine tooth comb so that you don’t miss anything that could work in your favor.

This is often a bit of a challenge because of the time limits for appealing. Instead of trying to fumble through the case and determine what legal issues exist, you should rely on someone who is familiar with criminal appeals.

You are the person who has to call the shots in every aspect of your case, including any appeals. We can help you to find out what you can do about specific issues in your case. From there, you will have to let us know how you want to proceed so that we can start putting a plan in place to get the conviction appealed.