Violent crimes are a serious problem for the St. Louis area. One of the factors that is present in many violent crimes is a gang association. While many people think that men are the only ones in gangs, the prevalence of females in gangs is on the rise.

There are several different roles that females might play in gangs. These can range from the local ringleader to a lowly soldier who is tasked with carrying out crimes.

In some cases, the role of the female is unofficial. An example of this is a lady who is related to a gang member. That woman might end up becoming a victim of a crime if someone is trying to get to the gang member.

A girl who joins a gang is often searching for something. She might have suffered some type of abuse, need protection or have someone close to her in the gang. She may have a propensity for violence and might have anti-social tendencies.

When it comes to female gang members, one of the things that needs to be done to help her get her life back on track is to address the issues that are causing her to turn toward the gang life. This could mean addressing deep secrets that she is trying to avoid confronting. In many cases, mental health care might be needed.

Unfortunately, girls in gangs can sometimes face criminal charges for their actions. In these cases, the female must decide what type of defense she is going to use and work on trying to fight against the charges.

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