Criminal charges related to weapons are serious legal matters. These charges are almost always classified as violent crimes, which means that the life effects of a conviction might be more than what you initially expected. We can help you find out how a conviction might impact your life, as well as discovering any possible defense options that you might have.

Obviously, the penalties that the court imposes are a primary consideration in these cases. You are facing time in prison and fines. While you might be able to get probation instead of prison, this isn’t ever a sure thing with a weapons charge. In fact, some weapons charges have minimum sentences that will require you to serve some time in prison if you are convicted.

You must ensure that you understand what penalties the court might impose in your case. Don’t stop at just finding that out. You should also think about whether there are mandatory minimum sentences or not. This could have an impact on how you handle your case.

Besides the penalties that are imposed by the court, you also have to think about how a conviction will impact other areas of your life. For example, a violent crime conviction might bar you from holding a public office or from being able to work in specific fields.

We know that all of this seems overwhelming and stressful right now. We can help you work through everything so that you know what options you might have and how each of these will affect you. Once you have a good understanding, you can move forward with trying to decide what to do.