Criminal appeals must have a valid basis

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Criminal convictions can drastically impact a person’s life. If you’ve been convicted of a crime, you might wonder if you have the basis for an appeal. This might be possible if there are certain elements present in your case.

When you are thinking about a criminal appeal, you need to evaluate your case to determine if there is a reason for you to file an appeal. Typically, minor errors aren’t going to result in a successful appeal, so remember that as you think about your case.

Four reasons for appeal

There are four primary reasons for a person to appeal a criminal conviction. Each of these could potentially result in a much different outcome for your case. These are the four grounds for an appeal:

–Ineffective legal counsel

–A serious error of the law

–Court abuse of discretion leading to an errant ruling

–The verdict isn’t supported by the evidence

You have to be able to prove that your appeal is valid. You can’t simply claim one of these points and think that the court will just grant an appeal based on your word. Proving these cases is often difficult and can sometime involve complex elements. Oftentimes, having someone familiar with the process to assist you is crucial.

When you launch an appeal, you likely won’t have a quick answer to that petition. You have to be ready to fight for as long as it takes your case to move through the court system. At various stages of the process, you might have options. Consider these options carefully because some of them can impact your petition’s outcome.

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