Gun charges are serious and can land you in prison for a long time. When you are facing these charges, your defense must be carefully planned. You can’t wait until the last minute and think that you can just throw something together. Trying to put off the defense planning might be a devastating decision.

We understand that things sometimes happen that lead to criminal charges you didn’t ever expect to face. Even if the crime you are charged with doesn’t include a gun, you could still be facing serious penalties if it includes any weapon.

As you work to plan your defense, you have to think about all possibilities. This includes finding out if your case is eligible for a plea deal. Of course, plea deals are only an option if you know that you did the actions you are accused of doing. Taking a plea deal when you are truly innocent isn’t advisable.

If you are considering a plea deal, think carefully about the terms that are presented to you. These terms can impact you in more ways than you might realize. You might end up having to deal with the effects that come with being branded as a felon.

You have the option of refusing a plea deal and heading to trial. If you do this, you should take the time to shore up your defense as much as possible. You need to go into the trial prepared for what is going to happen. Failing to prepare could be devastating for your defense. We can help you get your case ready for trial if that is where you are heading.