In a recent blog post, we discussed how you must take aggravated assault charges very seriously. We can help you to evaluate the options that you have for addressing these charges. Make sure that you don’t sit around and waste time before you get your defense going. You can’t think that these charges are just going to go away. We can help you to get your defense moving.

The circumstances of your case have a big impact on what type of options you have for your defense. It is imperative that we have the time to look at the case that is being presented against you so that we can determine what points your defense should address.

When you are facing aggravated assault charges, you are facing the possibility of time in prison. This means that you have to take each decision very seriously. You don’t need to just throw your case together at the last minute. You need to plan meticulously so that you can determine what options you are comfortable with. Since your life is the one hanging in the balance, you have to lead the way with the defense.

One big factor in many aggravated assault charges is the condition of the victim. A victim who was severely injured and who can testify against you is something that is difficult, but not impossible, to defend against. We must think carefully about the way we will approach the case if the victim is testifying. Having ample time to think about different ways to approach your defense can help us to help you understand the ways different options can impact you.