In our recent blog post, we discussed tax evasion and some of the points that must be present in a tax evasion case. If you recall, you aren’t likely to face charges for tax evasion if you make a mistake on your tax return. Instead, you are likely to face this charge if you are making willful choices that are illegal for the sole purpose of not having to pay taxes.

We know that you might not be sure about how to proceed when you find out that you are facing tax evasion charges. These charges are usually the result of intensive investigation, so you mustn’t think that you can just throw together a defense right before your trial. Instead, we need to take the time to think carefully about all of the options you have for a defense.

This is also the case in other white crime cases. From money laundering to insider trading, we have to scrutinize the case against you so that we can find the weaknesses that will allow us to call the prosecution’s case into question. This can be a challenging undertaking, but looking at each tidbit of evidence can help us to find the important points.

No matter what kind of white collar crime charge you are facing, we can help you to explore your defense options. This can help you to determine what direction you want your case to take. As you go through the investigative process, be sure that you are considering where the charges were filed since state charges are usually different than federal charges.