It is pretty common knowledge that people who are convicted of certain sex offenses aren’t allowed to be around children. These men and women certainly shouldn’t be placed in a position of authority over children. This is one reason why some defendants fight so hard against sex-related charges. In some cases, the conviction on one of these charges could impact their career, which is what happens when a teacher is convicted of sex charges.

One former teacher who has been convicted of a sex-related crime has gone around the sex offender ban that should prevent him from working around children. The man was convicted of statutory rape in 2000 after admitting to a relationship with a teen. Now, he is working with children around the same age as that high school student.

The man is registered as a sex offender and must continue to do so for life. As such, Missouri law forbids him from coaching children. He claims that he isn’t coaching but is instead giving group lessons to teens on how to play basketball. Some documents suggest otherwise. The man is listed as the sole officer and president of the team. This listing has remained the same since 2007.

Some people believe that the ban isn’t warranted in this case. One high school coach notes that his players play for the man in the off season. He said that the man has turned out good players, but still cautions parents to decide what is appropriate for their child.

This man could face felony charges for coaching a team if it is found that he is in violation of the state’s laws. The investigation into the matter is currently open. It will be interesting to see how this pans out in the end.

Source: USA Today, “Despite sex offender ban, ex-teacher working with teens,” Nick Penzenstadler, Dec. 22, 2016