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Investigation launched into sex offender working with children

It is pretty common knowledge that people who are convicted of certain sex offenses aren't allowed to be around children. These men and women certainly shouldn't be placed in a position of authority over children. This is one reason why some defendants fight so hard against sex-related charges. In some cases, the conviction on one of these charges could impact their career, which is what happens when a teacher is convicted of sex charges.

Every detail matters in violent crime charge defense cases

Violent crimes are some that are difficult for the prosecution and the defense. The prosecution might feel pressure from the public to punish someone for the crime. The defense might feel as though they are walking on eggshells trying not to touch on sensitive subjects in the defense. We know that defendants often feel frustrated at the way the case is played out.

The accuracy of eyewitness testimony

When a crime has occurred, often the first order of business is to determine who committed it. Biological evidence, police reports and witness accounts are all used to determine the criminal, but new evidence reported by ScienceMag.org suggests that eyewitness testimony may not be as useful as previously thought. Several convictions, including some slated for execution, are being proven false after advances in DNA evidence techniques and studies have stated that as high as 75 percent of these mistakes were convicted because of witness accounts. There are several reasons why this is the case.

Civil Commitment: Incarceration based solely on what might happen

Being convicted of a sexually-related offense carries a lifelong stigma and the consequences usually continue long after a period of incarceration is over. However, did you realize that it is possible to be held in involuntary confinement even after your prison term has been completed?

White collar crime defense must disprove the prosecution's claims

In our recent blog post, we discussed tax evasion and some of the points that must be present in a tax evasion case. If you recall, you aren't likely to face charges for tax evasion if you make a mistake on your tax return. Instead, you are likely to face this charge if you are making willful choices that are illegal for the sole purpose of not having to pay taxes.

Tax evasion isn't based on errors but rather willful actions

The old saying is that the only two things you have to do are die and pay taxes. Some people challenge that tidbit of wisdom by trying to get out of paying taxes, but could wind up charged with tax evasion. These are serious charges that can be the result of complex investigations.

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