Prosecutors who work on sex-related cases might opt to take a hard stance in those cases. This can make the work of the defense even more difficult than what it might have been if the case was of a different variety. If you are facing criminal charges for any sex-related crime, you shouldn’t delay getting your defense moving forward.

The type of evidence that is being used in the case against you can have an impact on how you handle your defense. If there is evidence, such as DNA evidence, you would need a different defense that would be necessary if the case against you was based only on the accusations of the alleged victims.

We know that facing criminal charges of any sort, especially sex-related charges, isn’t easy. We are here to help you learn about the evidence that is being used against you so that you can let us know how you want to fight back against it.

As we discussed in the previous blog post, it is sometimes necessary for you to review what happened during each step of the criminal justice process to determine if there were any violations of your rights. In some cases, you can base a portion of your defense strategy on civil rights violations that occurred.

No matter what, you shouldn’t fool yourself into thinking that your charges will magically disappear. Instead, you should learn about what you can do to build your defense. We can help you to review everything that applies to your case so that you can make the decisions that you feel are in your best interest.