Weapons offenses are very serious offenses that can lead to significant time in prison. People in Missouri who were hoping that carrying a concealed weapon would be a little easier now have had their hopes dashed. Governor Nixon opted to veto a bill that would have allowed people to carry a concealed weapon without having to obtain a permit.

The issue with the bill was that even people who had a criminal record and whom the sheriff deemed a danger would have been able to carry a concealed firearm. The current requirements in Missouri to carry a concealed firearm include having to go through a background check, obtain a permit, go through training, and receive education. Senate Bill 656 would have done away with those requirements.

The governor noted that he does support the Second Amendment, but that he also values responsible gun ownership. He said that he supports law abiding citizens having guns but that he can’t support doing away with the safety checks that are meant to keep communities safe.

The issue of gun ownership is something that has been making headlines recently, and Governor Nixon’s veto is only one decision that affects Missouri residents. The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that domestic violence convictions and misdemeanor assault convictions can bar people from legally owning firearms.

If you are found in violation of any gun laws, you could face very serious charges. Offering a defense against those charges is one of the only options you have for trying to minimize the effects of the charges and possible conviction.

Source: KY3, “Gov. Nixon vetoes bill for concealed guns with no permit needed,” June 27, 2016