When you think about the severity of the penalties that are associated with sex-related crimes, you can understand why it is so troubling to find out that you are facing those charges. The anger and disbelief that is felt by some defendants might be due in part to the fact that a friend or family member is the person behind the accusations.

Some sex-related charges, such as date rape or sexual assault, might stem from intimate moments that you thought were consensual. The issue of consent in those cases is often a central point. When this occurs, it might come down to your work against the other person’s word. That puts you in an interesting position, especially when you consider that witnesses aren’t usually around during those intimate moments, so there might not be a way to prove that the interaction was consensual.

Those types of sex-related cases are some of the ones that require a delicate balance in your defense strategy. On the one hand, you need to find a way to prove that you are innocent. On the other hand, you can’t seem like you are attacking the alleged victim. That fine line is one that is often very difficult to straddle.

We know that you are likely wondering how you can defend yourself against the charges. We can help you to build a defense strategy that brings your side of the story into the picture. We understand that you are worried about the ways a conviction could affect your life, so we will work hard on your behalf.