Thinking of criminal charges of a sexual nature might bring up thoughts of rape or sexual assault. While those are some of the possible criminal charges that are related to sexual acts, they aren’t the only ones possible. In some cases, the sex crimes a person faces might be hands-off sex crimes that don’t involve the defendant actually touching the alleged victim.

Some sex crimes, such as voyeurism or pornography, don’t require you to touch the victim. Even a criminal charge based on sexts doesn’t require that you touched another person. Instead, materials that you have for your own personal pleasure might be the key to the charges you are facing.

Even if the sex-related charges you are facing don’t involve violence or physical contact with another, the charges are still very serious. In some cases, these types of charges will still carry a social stigma that makes it hard to live your life in peace.

We understand just how big of an impact sex-related charges can have on your life. These charges can sometimes cost you friends. In some cases, family members will turn their back on you. If you are worried about the social consequences of a sex-related criminal charge, you should know that presenting a defense against those charges might reduce the social consequences some.

We can help you to determine how to handle your defense against these hands-off sexual crime charges. Your options can vary greatly from trying to work out a plea deal to calling points of the prosecution’s case into question during a criminal trial. We can explore each option with you.