Sex crime charges are often based on the alleged victim’s recollection of events. It is possible that some of the basis comes from actual evidence. This is what makes sex crime charges so difficult to defend against. We can help you to explore the choices that you have for defense strategies.

One important factor in a sex crimes defense is being able to dispute the unfounded claims of the alleged victim without making it seem like you are attacking him or her. Even if the accusations of the alleged victim are so far fetched that they make you angry, you still mustn’t make it seem like you are attacking the alleged victim. We can help you to question the alleged victim to bring out the truth without making it seem like we are victimizing the individual in court.

When you are fighting sex crime charges, you are actually fighting for your freedom and rights. This is because there are very harsh penalties for some sex crime convictions. Some convictions require you to register as a sex offender. This alone can negatively impact your life because you will be subjected to specific restrictions. These restrictions can include restrictions about where you live, where you work, and how you spend your time.

We understand that you need to build the strongest defense possible. We can help you to explore each option that you have for a defense strategy. We can work with you to determine how each option can affect your life. Once you know the options, we can decide on a strategy that is customized to address the factors involved in your case.