As we discussed in our previous blog post, criminal appeals are sometimes possible. These appeals are often filed because the defendant doesn’t agree with the sentencing that was handed down. We know that it can be difficult to think about having to go through an appeal before you can get your freedom back; however, that is sometimes what it takes.

We are here to help you throughout the appeals process. We can look over your case and help you to learn about the options that you have for your appeal. It is very important that we do a thorough job during the investigation so that we can wage the war using the appropriate appeals.

When it comes to filing an appeal, the written word is crucial. We must write out the reason for the appeal and other factors in a way that shows your side of the case. This is because the basis of the appeal system is the brief. This is the written document that states your case. Without a strong brief, your appeal isn’t likely to be effective.

We know that you just want to be free. We understand that you want to move things forward quickly. While we will work as quickly as possible, we will also take the time to do the appeal the proper way.

You shouldn’t think that any appeal isn’t important. In fact, your first appeal often sets the stage for future appeals. In some cases, a poor initial appeal might limit your right to future appeals. We can help you ensure that your appeals are following the proper process and including the pertinent information.